Jackson Alumni Network (JAN)

Jackson Alumni Network (JAN) is an alumni-run association of Jackson College of
Education (JCE) from the centre levels of JCE creating a collaborative platform for past
students of JCE to network and enhance their professional development. 
We are made up of registered JCE past students from all centres, year groups and
programmes who love to apply the knowledge gained to solve practical problems in the
All alumni groups from all centres are regrouped into three belts to foster unity and aid in
networking even after school. We currently have three (3) belts, namely: JAN_Northern
Belt, JAN_Middle Belt and JAN_Southern Belt.


JCE regards students who complete their programme of study with the institution, be it, at the Diploma, Degree or Post Graduate Diploma in Education level as PAST STUDENTS.

Past students who take a step further to register with JAN obtain a unique identification number and participate fully in all JAN related meetings, programmes and activities are regarded as Alumni of JCE. Members of JAN enjoy loads of benefits as mentioned above, coupled with many more opportunities.

To be a part of our alumni network, click “REGISTER NOW!” to register as a member.

Our Mission and Vision


To create a platform for alumni participation in national development through social
intervention and appropriate exposure on educational innovation, such as educational
technology as well as professional development.


To bring together all alumni of Jackson College of Education to empower, enhance and
enlighten members in personal, professional, community and national development.

"I am a proud alumnus of Jackson College of Education."

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