Why JCE?

1. We are Certified

JCE is endorsed by the Government of Ghana with full accreditation from the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC).

2. We are Recognised 

i. Strategically affiliated to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), JCE is both recognised in Ghana and abroad. Our students and graduates are highly considered in job and school applications.

ii. With the acknowledgment of the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), JCE
students have the opportunity to apply for student loans for financial

iii. With recognition from the National Service Scheme (NSS), our students
have the prospects of doing their National Service after completion.

iv. With recognition from the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the
National Teaching Council (NTC), our students who successfully pass the
Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) are posted to schools to

v. With multitudinous awards to our credit, JCE is locally and internationally
recognised for business and educational excellence, quality, innovation,
technology and leadership, among others.


3. We are Unparalleled

i. We are the first and finest private college of education in Ghana to operate through Distance Learning.

ii. For the unemployed, JCE offers you with that rare opportunity to actively
seek employment while you concurrently pursue your academic ambitions
with our Distance Learning modus operandi.

iii. For the underemployed, JCE offers you with virtues that will make your
employer scramble with others for your signature, coupled with that salary
increase you’ve always dreamed of.

iv. For the employed, irrespective of your profession, JCE offers you that
much-needed skill, intellect, knowledge, confidence, and tact to enhance
your working capacity and expedite your promotion.

4. We are Technology-Driven 

i. Our passion for technology simply makes student life here desirable. With
our professionally-crafted student portal, you can painlessly apply for any
student service you can ever think of, securely make online payments and
conveniently have all college resources at your fingertips, to give you a
mind-blowing learning experience.

ii. Remember the back-breaking hassle of having to carry those hefty
textbooks to school in that bulky schoolbag? Never again with us! Our all-
encompassing eLibrary allows you to study comfortably on the go. You
can access your eModules (textbooks) and recommended reading
materials, all in one hotspot on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

5. We are Life Transformers

i. It is common to get a certificate but rare to get a life-transforming, holistic
training that will position you to impact the world. The success story of
JCE couldn’t have been better told without mention of the transformational
testimonials of those who have been trained by it. Our scholarship scheme
to support the deprived students is one of our diverse ways
of inspiring hope in our underprivileged students.

ii.Once there is life, there is hope, and JCE is ever ready to instil that hope
for a brighter future in all who live, regardless of age, race, educational,
professional, social, and religious backgrounds.

Wouldn’t you rather enrol with us? Get on board! Our admission crew is ever ready to cruise you through the application voyage, to dock you at the best academic port – JCE, where a great deal of opportunities are tailored just for you.